May 6

For immediate release: May 3, 2023

Jim McCulloch
WUSD Drama Director

Fun, Food and Culture from Around the World!

Whitewater is home to a culturally rich and diverse population. To highlight this cultural diversity, the Whitewater Unified School District will be hosting the first annual Multicultural Heritage Showcase on Saturday, May 6 from 4-6:30pm at the high school auditorium. Join us as students, staff and community members share their cultural heritage, traditions and customs from around the world with our neighbors and friends.

The evening begins at 4pm with food, art and socializing followed by a live entertainment.  This event is multilingual, multicultural, and FREE admission to the public! We are accepting donations to the Dream Big Scholarship, a $1,000 scholarship awarded annually to a multilingual scholar to help them to pursue their dream of higher education. 

The list of talented entertainers that will be performing includes: Mila Holcombe, Stuart Nagy, Zach Oster, Faith Schuldt, Nathan Powell, Margaret Wheeler, Alan Perez Samuel Huber, Charles Miller, Charles Sanderson-Haque, Alejandro Aguilar, Max Hach, Victor Valenzuela, Jose Gonzalez, Jose Ivan Garcia, Danieska Mendoza Zelaya, Meybeling Garcia Guzman, Emily Sevilla Blandon, Aslhy Perez Gonzalez, Keyre Castañeda, Wilson (Onan) Orellana, Edward Cruz Martinez, Sander Fajardo, Abdel Salgado, Sarahí Carrillo, Victoria Vernal, Jennifer Montenegro, Leticia Palacio, Freidel Garcia Palma, Ilver Herrera, Joseth Palacio Moreno, Eddy Contreras, Anayah (Coco) Hayes, Arianna Mejia, Sofia Cerillo, Monserrat Rojas-Reyes, Itsayana Lopez, Mason Villasana, Alexa Palacio Gomez, Britany Garcia, Elder Montenegro, Jokssan Rivera Acevedo, Jhonny Escobar Sevilla, Marvin Duarte Garcia, Eduard Jiron Betanco, Elmer Garcia Gonzalez, Odeling Gonzalez Zamora, America Castro Chacon, Keylin Torres Caceres, Meybeling Aguilar Zamora, Marien Colindres Montenegro, Alex Clarksen, Brooke Mason, Skylar Staebler, Karen Tordera, Liliana Rienzi de Gimenez, Deydania Sanchez, Liliams Maradiaga, Aaron de Jesus Alvarez, Abigail Jones, Fadil Mujota, Ajan Ajrulai, Everlin Ponce Siles, Mariana Cervantes, Belinda Gaytan, Hillary Garcia, Paolo Rodriguez Flores, Yerald Perez Centeno, Keylin Alvarado Zeledon, Melvin Mendoza, Vanesa Torres Caceres, Wilber Bustillo, Arlen Navarro, Nestor Gonzales, Iker Medina Centeno, Ingrid Lira Cerna, Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Ruiz, Jhon Salgado, Alex Fajardo, Deanna Dragan.

We hope you can join us for an evening of fun, food, and entertainment from around the world!