Stuff the Bus

During Homecoming Week, The Whitewater Unified School District, along with Nelson’s Bus, conducted their annual “Stuff the Bus.” All the schools in the distinct collected food for the Whitewater Food Pantry to help them get ready for the holidays. As part of the homecoming tradition, the high school had bonus items for each class to earn extra points for their class. The Freshmen class came out in first place this year, earning extra points for their class.

Each of the schools in the distinct worked hard collecting food throughout the week. 3,020 pounds of food were donated, loaded onto a bus, and dropped off at the Food Pantry on Friday, October 14. 

Community members were also given the opportunity to donate food or money to this awesome cause. A total of $5,525 was donated with $5,000 of that coming from the Kachel Family, for which we are truly grateful!

What a great way for a community to come together for a worthwhile cause!