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WHS Consumer Home & Auto Students Complete Wall Project

WHITEWATER, WI — Whitewater High School (WHS) Consumer Home and Auto students have accomplished remarkable feats and built valuable skills during a lengthy, hands-on project.

The comprehensive wall project equipped students with theoretical understanding and allowed them to apply their learning in a practical setting. The students began with the fundamentals of construction, learning how to build and frame a 4' by 4' wall using 2x4s, with studs precisely spaced at 16 inches on center. 

Students next cut and hung drywall on the frame and were introduced to the art of mudding both flat and corner seams. Then, they delved into electrical work and, after installing a one-way light switch, finished their project with paint, using proper technique. 

“I am so proud of the hard work the students put into this extensive project. We spent extra time honing techniques in the hands-on steps that they will likely use in their own homes in the future,” said Mr. Justin Buntrock, WHS Automotive instructor. “My favorite part is watching the excitement in the students when they flip the light switch they installed themselves. This project always brings a sense of accomplishment and confidence for the students.”

The success of this semester-long endeavor underscores the effectiveness of experiential learning in preparing students for practical challenges they may encounter in the future. The Consumer Home and Auto program at WHS continues to provide students with a dynamic and engaging education that goes beyond the classroom, preparing them for success in both their personal and professional lives.


Note to Editor: Photos of the students are available at this link